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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices(CGM)

CGM is one of the most comfortable and easy ways to keep track of your blood glucose levels. Through tiny sensors, their advanced technology collects information regarding your blood glucose levels continuously.

Since this new technology focuses on giving you real-time readings day and night,
it helps to reduce the number of times per day you need to do finger prick testing. Additionally, with new technology integrations via mobile phones and closed-loop devices, diabetic patients will have the equipment to manage their diabetes health easier with less worry.

CGM Makes Testing Easy

Using a blood glucose monitor requires multiple fingersticks a day to monitor blood sugar levels. With continuous glucose monitors, the sensor measures the interstitial fluid numerous times per hour, providing about 288 readings per day. Additionally, the CGM provides reporting that makes it easy to track high and low trends and share readings with loved ones and caregivers.

Who Should Use Continuous Glucose Monitors?

According to the ACE (American College of Endocrinology) and the AACE (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists), it is recommended that those with Type 1 diabetes use continuous glucose monitors. In addition, continuous glucose monitors are also helpful for Type 2 diabetic patients who are using basal insulin, sulfonylureas, or insulin injections; and those who are at risk of hypoglycemia or suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness.

The Benefits of CGM:

  • Around 288 readings in a full day
  • Insight about glucose levels, the direction of change, and the rate
  • Ability to manage diabetes proactively
  • The best outpatient system for managing and reducing A1C
  • Reduction in hypoglycemia
  • Alerts for dangerous highs or lows in glucose levels
  • Active monitoring during the night

How Does CGM Work?

CGMs work through a small sensor wire that the users insert under their skin with an automatic applicator. The sensor housing stays in place with an adhesive patch. With the interstitial fluid, the sensor can read glucose levels all day and night.
Furthermore, a transmitter that is connected to the sensor wire is then able to send real-time readings to the user’s receiver. That way, you can view your current and previous blood sugar levels instantly and continuously, and receive custom alerts and notifications if your glucose reaches a dangerous threshold.

How Do I Keep My CGM Sensor From Falling Off?

Cover the sensor with a CGM securement patch like the RIghtCare CGM Patch, made with KT Tape Pro Extreme.

How Long Do CGM Sensors Last?

The sensors used in continuous glucose monitoring systems can stay in place for quite a while. For example, the Dexcom
G6 CGM’s sensors can be used for ten days before they’ll need
to be replaced. The FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor lasts 14 days.

How Do CGMs Work?

It’s easy to use a CGM. You insert a small sensor under the skin by using a simple applicator. The sensor is held in place by adhesive tape. This allows the sensor to measure glucose readings in the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells. It takes the readings throughout the day and night.
A transmitter, which is connected to the sensor, causes the system to send real-time readings wirelessly to either a monitoring device or your smartphone that displays your glucose data instantly and continuously.

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Yes, the continuous glucose monitoring systems is FDA approved for use by diabetic patients. If you run into unusually high or low readings from your CGM, you can confirm them with a fingerstick test.

Does LNS Medical Supply provide
90-day supplies for Medicare patients using CGM?

Yes, once qualified, patients will receive a 90-day order. The patient must see or consult with their physician every six months to qualify.

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