Exceptional Selection Of The Best Catheters For Men And Women In Texas

Many health issues result in the need for catheterization for men and women. These can range from the need for catheters to manage urine leakage to sterile catheters to drain the bladder multiple times throughout the day. Catheters come in various types, sizes, and lengths, and finding the best option for your personal needs is the goal at LNS Medical Supply.

We offer a top selection of intermittent and indwelling catheters. Intermittent catheters are used as needed throughout the day to allow the urine to drain from the bladder. Indwelling catheters, or Foley catheters, are inserted in the bladder and held in position through an inflated balloon. These catheters remain in the bladder for up to four weeks based on the specific treatment plan for the individual.

Female Catheters

Catheters for women are both internal and external. Internal catheters can be of several varieties, including straight or coude catheters. Generally, women use the straight catheter unless there is an obstruction, which makes the curved coudé catheter a more effective solution.

There are also female external catheter options. These systems use adhesive to attach a collection pouch to the peri-urethral area, with drainage to a bottle or a bag.

Male Catheters

Men can use a straight or curved coude catheter for intermittent catheterization. Catheters for men also come in different lengths and sizes to accommodate each individual’s needs.

Male external catheters are also known as Texas catheters. They include a condom-like a sheath that rolls up over the penis and is attached to a drainage bag or other urine collection system.

Both men and women may find a closed-kit system essential if they are dealing with frequent UTIs. These catheters are sealed in a sterile kit that allows catheter insertion without contact with other surfaces, eliminating the risk of accidental bacterial contamination.

LNS Medical Supply offers a top selection of the latest in catheters for ease of use, prevention of UTIs, and pain-free insertion. For assistance finding the best catheter in Texas, call us today at 1-888-720-2830.

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